PAUL STOUT, Chair, Department of Art & Art History
“We are proud and honored to present the Juried Student Exhibition for 2020, a showcase of some of the best artworks of our students.  I applaud the skill, imagination, and perseverance of the student artwork presented here, these students are emerging professional artists in Painting and Drawing, Graphic Design, Photography, Art Education, Printmaking, Ceramics and Sculpture. Usually this is an exhibition that is presented in our Gittins Gallery, but for the safety of students, faculty, and the public, we have moved the exhibition into an online format. It is an unorthodox solution for a challenging time.  Although we cannot supply the same experience of being in the presence of the artwork in person, the online format provides a way to contemplate the individual artworks in more detail than would be possible in a large gallery space.”

    XI ZHANG, Assistant Professor in Painting & Drawing and Exhibition Director
“I believe artists are visionaries and risk takers who poke into the darkness to draw out the starlight for others. Even though our current reality is dyed with fear of the global spread of the coronavirus, we can sculpt new realities and futures by believing in and creating new visions and dreams. Each step and advancement in human progress comes from an idea. Every artist has the power to shift and change realty.    During this challenging time, students from the University of Utah Department of Art & Art History did not surrender to their fears, but demonstrated their courage and strength by sharing their visions with others. Even though the virus started as one tiny phenomenon, it rapidly had a negative effect on the world. Every event, no matter how small, has an effect and the opportunity to make change. Similarly, this exhibition of artwork from University of Utah students can positively effect the rest of the world.     This year, based on Jorge Rojas’ selections, we have almost one hundred artworks in this exhibition. Each artwork opens the door for a fresh possibility to think, live, interact, and experience reality differently. Although currently all of us are physically distanced, we are deeply connected. The visions of the University of Utah art students connect us through hope and possibilities. Let us give high praise and gratitude to each of the creative minds in this exhibition.”

    JORGE ROJA, Juror
“It was an honor to serve as guest juror for the University of Utah’s College of Fine Arts 2020 Annual Student Art Exhibition. I was impressed by both the number and caliber of artworks submitted, which made for a challenging but exciting selection process. As an artist, curator, and educator who enjoys experiencing all types of art both locally and internationally, it was thrilling to see the level of creativity and skill that these student artists display in this exhibition. There were standout works in various media, including photography, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and installation—and I was particularly impressed with the video and performance-based entries.     This year’s show is unique in that, due to precautions being taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in our community, the jury process and presentation of the work are taking place online. At this time of physical separation and with so many aspects of our lives changed, we see our world gripped by the effects of this terrible threat. This historical moment will be memorable for each of us, and the students will no doubt reflect upon the time they showed their work during the pandemic of 2020. While I would have preferred to experience the work in person and for the public to see it installed in the Gittins Gallery, it’s interesting to think about how the work in this show can be considered through the lens of these unprecedented circumstances. It becomes difficult to consider a landscape, self-portrait, or a digital work of art without framing it in reference to the moment in which we live.     I commend the department’s faculty for their dedication to teaching, challenging, and inspiring their students—and for responding quickly to the current situation by moving the exhibition online. Perhaps now more than ever, we need new platforms to show and experience art. As the times have reinforced, art in all its expressions seems to be the unifying thing that all people turn to for joy, comfort, healing, solace, and a sense of community.
    Congratulations to all of the students, faculty, and staff on a great exhibition!”


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